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Corporate Video Production
San Diego CA

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Vision Factory Films is a video production company based in San Diego, California that produces high-quality commercial, advertising and promotional films for businesses serving clients located throughout the United States.
Video Production is our passion and we are driven to deliver quality corporate films to each of our clients. We create high-converting videos that transform brands and grow businesses. Our mission is to provide enterprises with the best quality, up-to-date, most efficient functioning and professional video production services in the market today.
We aim to sustainably build bridges in the filmmaking industry to connect the client’s goal to reality. We have been one of the best choices for full-service San Diego film production companies.

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    As the most trusted video production company in San Diego CA, we offer a fresh and creative perspective that aims to start new conversations and raise industry standards.


    The video production projects we have worked on range from commercials and online video to the integration of new technologies for our client’s marketing and advertising campaigns. Our experience guarantees enticing concepts and out-of-the-box ideas. We are an all-in-one video production agency that also does storyboard and screenwriting in San Diego.
    Video film production is the main service we provide, but there are a variety of other services that are essential to creating an effective corporate film. We are a prominent commercial video production company that offers complete turnkey solutions which include location scouting, scriptwriting, pre-production and post-production services with editing and graphics designed to fit each project perfectly.


    We strive to create corporate films in San Diego that will engage your audience, educate them about your product or service and leave them captivated by your story. Corporate Videos ensure that you capture attention from the beginning by visually conveying critical information about your products and services. From sparking wanderlust to mouth-watering eats, we ensure we produce all kinds of stimulating content to upkeep our standing as one of the leading corporate video production companies that provide outstanding corporate video production services to keep your viewers and visitors wanting more.
    Vision Factory Films strives to provide top-rated advertising video production services in San Diego CA while producing high-quality web content that will meet or exceed your expectations. By doing so, we hope to help you successfully reach your goals by giving you the edge against other video production agencies. Our creations are made with care at affordable prices. We want you to be 100% satisfied with the end result and enjoy sharing your corporate videos with others.


    We deliver professional commercial video production services that will help you gain visibility and spread awareness of your brand to expand your market share. Commercial videos are one of the most effective ways for companies to speak directly to customers, prospects and partners in a visual media format. They allow you to be creative by demonstrating your passion project or San Diego video production while showing what makes it different from the competition.
    As one of the most sought-after video production companies in San Diego, we also open floodgates for businesses to efficiently promote internal issues such as new projects, goals, developments in products or services among employees and management alike. Corporate films help boost advertising efforts by boosting product sales through increased web traffic, which gives more opportunities for consumers to learn about the company’s products/services. We work with the biggest San Diego video production companies and advertising agencies in San Diego, CA to create all sorts of commercial needs – fashion, travel, food, lifestyle, you name it. Through our effective social media campaigns, SEO optimization and affiliates among other tools, we assure your business success in video production ventures.


    A corporate video is a powerful tool that helps businesses communicate directly with consumers and other stakeholders. Corporate videos heighten public awareness of your products and services, raise brand recognition, promote internal communications, market the organization to new customers and enhance employee recruitment.
    Our corporate film production services will help your brand appeal to prospects because it portrays your company in a more personal way than something like print or magazines ever could.
    Our corporate videos are crafted to fit your requirements from start to finish: script development, location scouting, production team selection – we take care of all these things for you so you can focus on the message. Corporate videos will provide a greater understanding of who you are as an organization and what makes your business different from any other out there.


    The team of professionals who make up Vision Factory Films are storytellers – everything we produce is based on a story worth telling in every sense of the word. Corporate films tell stories by merging visual elements together: words, images, sounds and more. Brand video production takes storytelling one step further by creating an opportunity for you to relay messages that resonate with your audience through meaningful content as no other medium can do. Storyboarding helps us get into the mindset of our audience so we can offer a product that they will appreciate.
    Storyboarding corporate videos need to be effective and interesting at the same time – it’s not an easy feat, especially if you’re trying to appeal to your mature target audience or across multiple platforms at once. To effectively deliver quality results, Vision Factory Films generally follows these steps: strategic planning, scripting, visual presentation, equipment rental & purchase, crewing, editing & post-production services.


    Vision Factory Films Corporate is a video production company serving local businesses in San Diego CA. Corporate videos can be used for a variety of purposes including advertising, branding, marketing or training. We pride ourselves as one of the top video production companies in San Diego that deliver first-rate films for your brand.
    Vision Factory Films corporate video services include creating all types of videos from commercial videos, promotional videos, explainer/product demo videos and more. Our corporate video services can create custom footage from start to finish or you may use some of our stock footage to save time. Corporate videos are an excellent way to show how your business operates and what services you offer, while also creating a more professional image for potential customers.
    Hiring a corporate video production company with the best San Diego filmmakers will help your company grow exponentially by connecting with your audience in unique ways that other marketing mediums cannot.
    Video Production is our passion and we are driven to deliver quality corporate films to each of our clients. We create high-converting videos that transform brands and grow businesses. Our mission is to provide enterprises with the best quality, up-to-date, most efficient functioning and professional video production services in the market today.
    We aim to sustainably build bridges in the filmmaking industry to connect the client’s goal to reality. We have been one of the best choices for full-service San Diego film production companies.
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    We devote all of our experience and efforts to create stunning, professional videos and visuals that surely catch people's interest. We aim to bring up higher standards for video production on digital platforms.
    Vision Factory Films has the experience, skills and expertise to help you put your best foot forward – whether it’s a film for company promotional or internal use. Corporate videos allow companies to build trust among their audience by providing them with valuable information in an entertaining way. Advertising video production is better than any other form of advertising because:
    - Corporate videos are more engaging than print advertisements
    - Corporate videos cost a fraction in comparison to TV & radio advertisements
    We have worked on many different projects as one of the best video production companies in San Diego, serving different sizes and types of businesses - from small non-profit organizations to medium-sized business enterprises, we've done them all: medical software solutions, entertainment & gaming technology products & services, education institutions, law firm solutions.


    I have had the pleasure of working with Ernest and Vision Factory Films for the last 6 years and am always amazed at the creativity and professionalism that he and his team put into every project! With a wide variety of skills and creative tools at his disposal, I'm confident that the Vision Factory team can make anything happen. Highly recommend!!!

    Paul Churchward | Awaken

    Ernest and his team produce amazing films! They are able to successfully brainstorm, articulate, and create exactly what I want for my audience. My first time working with Ernest was a fairly hefty project! His team brought equipment to two sites for filming. They helped me bring the story of my business to life, for my website, social media, and patient education. it is still used! The finished product was beyond my expectations. I received an endless amount of compliments for the video and people asking who filmed it. Thank you Vision Factory Films!

    Dr. Bek | Giddy Up

    "Having someone you can trust to catch your vision, who understands the technical and artistic, and has the best on set is invaluable. This is what Ernest (Founder) brings and is why I will always tap him first for projects."

    Joel McGinty | L37 Creative

    Ernest Allen (Founder) is an absolute boss. I've worked with him on several things, he's my go to for everything. I've hired him to work on must win projects for Paul Mitchell Colma and he just worked with me on videos for another campaign. Has an incredible eye, makes everything look cinematic, and also kills it with motion graphics

    Morgan Ervin | Prophetic Brands
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